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26 October 2020

Sparlux foils and Art&craft wirehoods: the offer for super premium products

Customizing bottles making them real high-end jewels is one of the market trends to which Enoplastic together with Sparflex responds by offering two new exclusive products, thus expanding its portfolio.
14 October 2020

Enoplastic & Sparflex: a new reference group in the world of closures

Thanks to the agreement with Sparflex, our product portfolio is further expanded with super premium foils and wirehoods.
8 September 2020

Create and impress with innovative printing

Appearance counts. For this reason, the printing process plays a fundamental role in Enoplastic, continuously investing in processes and machinery to ensure high-level aesthetic results thanks to excellent technical performances.
2 July 2020

Discover Elite: the polylam capsule by Enoplastic

For still and sparkling wines, liqueurs and spirits, Elite polylam capsule is the right choice to dress the bottle with elegance, technique and quality.
18 June 2020

Charta. Love at first touch

Sometimes it happens. We notice a bottle on the shelf and we catch it to look at it in all its details. In case of sparkling wines, we often hold the bottle from the neck, which is the upper part of the glass...
5 June 2020

Time for Nature: World Environment Day. We make the difference!

Thanks to the installation of a technologically advanced plant, Enoplastic Spa recovers solvents used during the printing process by putting them back into production cycle!
26 May 2020

Are you looking for something to be noticed? Vote Glitter

The competition is increasingly fierce. We know the importance of packaging to catch the consumer’s attention. Therefore, it is a must to offer something always new and able to produce an attractive product for the client, winning the “war on the shelf” with the other competitors, at first sight.
22 April 2020

Extrafit®: Technology and style at the service of perfection

Extrafit® enhances its formula to guarantee the capsule beauty and functionality when it is applied to the bottle, avoiding any imperfections.
28 February 2020

The Enoplastic screw cap “lands” in America

Never stop. Keep moving. Enoplastic is proud to introduce the American branch’s latest Improvement, the installation of a new system for manufacturing 30 Ø x 60mm screw caps.