Greenleaf “not a new capsule concept but a revolution”

Placing a shrink capsule or tamper evident sleeve over the top of a screw capsule is nothing new in the wine, food and beverage industries, however Enoplastic have developed a capsule that takes this concept to the next level of packaging.

The Greenleaf capsule concept is a specially designed shrink capsule which can be successfully placed over a 30x15mm screw capsule. Enoplastic Aust does not manufacture or commercially offer the screw capsule component and advice on this item should be sought from screw capsule suppliers.

Following extensive testing and a number of successful product launches in Europe and the UK, the Greenleaf capsule is available in Australia and New Zealand.

The benefits to industry stakeholders are as follows:

Winery / Brand Owner

  • Superior Decoration and Branding
  • Current Bottle and Carton components
  • Existing bottling equipment
  • Decrease in packaging cost
  • Economical run sizes
  • Wine Integrity
  • Less Packaging storage


  • Increased Brand Awareness / Identification
  • Decoration attracting consumer
  • Tamper Evidence / Social Responsibility
  • Brand Protection and Identity
  • Lower packaging carbon rating


  • All the current screw capsule advantages
  • Greater awareness of tamper evidence and food safety
  • Product experience and connection during opening
  • Consumer feel good factor, better for environment during purchase and recycling

For more information on the Greenleaf capsule please see

For further details contact Brodie Atkinson at Enoplastic Aust